Faithful Warriors: A Combat Marine
Remembers the Pacific War
(Naval Institute Press, 2009)

This memoir of Lt. Col. Dean Ladd’s experiences as a Marine platoon and company commander in World War II is the product of intensive research which included, not least and most enjoyably, conducting oral history interviews with Dean and his brother Marines. Working closely and collaboratively with Dean, I interwove the personal accounts of these warriors with the historical record to produce a book
that has been universally acclaimed as a masterwork of its genre.

Praised by Leatherneck Magazine as
“The saltiest World War II Marine memoir since E. B. Sledge graced us with his epic volume on the First Marine Division in World War II, ‘With theOld Breed’ . . . . Assisted by historian Steven Weingartner, the book is crafted with style, grit and enormous power. . . . In the pantheon of great combat memoirs, ‘Faithful Warriors ranks at the very pinnacle of the genre.”

Faithful Warriors book cover
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